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Energy Storage

Clean Energy for Your Home

Generac PWR PartnerGenerac is committed to developing a long-term vision that promotes environmentally responsible products, processes, and partnerships. We offer product options that allow our customers to shrink their ecological footprint when backup energy use is required. Manufacturing processes are implemented with the goal of minimizing environmental impact by reducing the amount of materials used and emissions produced. Partnerships are sought with organizations and stakeholders to further the development of sustainable technologies. By adhering to these principles, we strive to be a positive contributor of sustainable growth in our industry.

Home Energy Management Diagram

Getting Started Made Easy

Generac and our expert installers are your one-stop-shop for your entire system. To make the process as stress-free as possible, our network of installers will begin by sizing the optimal panels for your home. Then, they work with you to size your PWRcell storage system to ensure all your needs are met. It is really that easy. Generac and our team will be with your every step of the way, ensuring you make the most of your solar system.

Generac PWRcell
PWRcell Combined


PWRcell’s modular design allows for easy customization for any home or budget; your system can grow with you as your needs expand. The basic PWRcell system provides 8.6 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy storage capacity, while the most robust configuration offers 34.2kWh.

PWRcell Battery Cabinet diagram


PWRcell’s revolutionary battery storage technology captures and stores electricity from solar panels or the grid. The energy stored can be discharged during peak demand times when the cost of utility power is higher, which helps you save money. Watch how easy it is to use PWRcell.

10 year warranty

PWRcell is backed
by a 10-year warranty


Throughout the U.S., Generac has partnered with expert installers to help you every step of the way. From day one, they will help you design, install and service your complete custom solar + battery system, making the entire process easy for you with one point of contact. From panels and inverters to battery systems, our experts have you covered.

Home Energy Management diagram

When it is time to install your new system, most solar + battery systems can be installed in a matter of day, especially since the PWRcell units can be installed in just a day. The inverter and battery storage cabinet are typically installed inside of an attached or detached garage. If there is not a garage on the property, the installer will be able to identify another location within the home to accommodate the installation.

Generac recommends that all PWRcell battery storage systems be installed by an authorized Generac installer to ensure that the system is installed to your municipal code and operating as intended.


  • Since 1959, Generac has been the leading provider of backup power systems
  • Offers 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Products are designed and engineered at our facilities in Wisconsin

Places like hospitals, data centers, and financial institutions trust Generac with their power needs.


A PWRcell system can provide up to 9kW of continuous backup power to a home’s essential power needs, or to the whole home. A single PWRcell battery can provide enough motor starting power to backup large loads like air conditioners and well pumps.

The PWRcell battery is not only the most powerful battery on the market, it is also the most flexible and scalable. It can be set up for completely outdoor installations in nearly any climate with the optional Outdoor Rated (OR) PWRcell battery cabinet and new PWRcell battery module. The PWRcell battery can be configured to meet any budget or lifestyle: with as few as three battery modules for just 8.6kWh of capacity and 4.5kW output; or, four, five and six battery module configurations yield more power and capacity up to 18kWh capacity and 9kW output. When even more power is needed, multiple PWRcell batteries can be connected to a single PWRcell inverter for up to 36kWh of storage capacity and 11kW continuous backup power.

PWRcell garage
PWRcell installed closeup


Generac PWRcell is an intelligent energy storage system. Equipped with PWRview energy monitoring technology, PWRcell protects you during times of power outage and allows you to control your energy usage to save on utility costs.

  • Get through the night on stored solar
  • Protect what’s important, home and family, during power outages
  • Lower energy bills and avoid peak rates
  • Gain greater independence from the grid


With the optional PWRview app, easily keep tabs on your energy consumption, monitor your battery usage, and track your savings!

  • Get real-time understanding of your energy use
  • View dashboards for daily consumption, solar generation and battery usage along with bill estimates and savings.
  • Keep energy spending in check with detailed bill tracking, forecast and history.


Increase your knowledge of past, present and future spending so that you can be aware of your energy habits to keep your energy bill low. The PWRview app gives you the tools you need to keep your spending in check using the detailed bill tracking, forecasting and history features.

CES App History

Comprehension of your bill history can inform your future decisions. PWRview gives you a historical comparison so you can understand the impact of seasonality and time-of-use rates on your energy bills.

CES App Always On

We’re always using power, even when we’re not at home. PWRview lets you know how much energy you are using when everything is “turned off.” Want to reduce this number? Set yourself a target and keep yourself accountable for your energy use.

CES App Forecasting

Don’t let your energy bill surprise you at the end of the month. With our intuitive bill forecasting, we take your previous energy usage data and use it to predict future energy bills. This way, you can get an idea of what your energy bill will look like before it’s even out.

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